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Guide to Buying

Buying a home can prove to be a daunting process but the following tips should help avoid any unnecessary stress!

  • Step 1 - View Properties
    Although it sounds obvious, write down the most important aspects of the property. Start with the number of bedrooms and bathroom, and then think about the living room, kitchen, garden, conservatory etc. set down your budget and decide how much work you would be prepared to undertake. Try to tell us exactly the type of property you are looking for and what elements you would be most prepared to compromise on, and of course let us know that you have a mortgage prepared in principle.
  • Step 2 - Contact Our Selling Team
    Contact our residential team to arrange an appointment; we will arrange viewing for any property without delay.
  • Step 3 - Mortgage
    Shop around; speak to your own bank, speak to an independent mortgage advisor. It is key to secure a mortgage before starting the search process, this way you will know that once you identify the right property, you will be in a position to proceed.
  • Step 4 - Make An Offer
    Ideally you should have a mortgage offer at this time as we will ask you for evidence of it. When you find the property you want, make an offer. If your offer is rejected you can revise it and make another one. We will forward your offer to the seller in writing and verbally and you will be kept informed at all times.
  • Step 5 - Appoint A Specialist Conveyancing Solicitor
    Once you have agreed terms, it is time to instruct a solicitor to carry out the process of transferring the legal ownership of the property from one person to another. Just as you would choose an estate agent, when you choose a solicitor you need to be clear of the service you require. We would recommend that you obtain quotations and check conditions from various solicitors.
  • Step 6 - Sale Agreed
    Your offer has been accepted and your solicitor has completed the search on the property. Your solicitor will arrange for the contract to be signed by both parties and you will make a deposit which could be 10% of the property value. The remaining residual money which is usually 90% will be transferred from the buyer's solicitor to seller solicitor account. Your solicitor will inform you when money has cleared in account and will inform us to release the keys.
  • Step 7 - Stamp Duty
    This is a tax you pay to the government (HMRC) when you buy a property over a certain price.
  • Step 8 - Moving Day